In the upcoming release of the new mobile, I think Samsung Note 9 is one of the most anticipated. It is reported that this new flagship will be unveiled at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, on August 9th.

Previously, Xiaomi had made a lot of news about this new mobile, and recently, the latest news was leaked – about Samsung Note 9’s outer packaging and mobile specification.
The leak is from the Russian version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 retail box, it is reported that it has been on the Russian store, of course, it has not officially started selling, but it is strange that Samsung has already had a precise distribution of the note.

Through the box, we also have some necessary information about the specifications of the mobile. It can be seen that the storage version of this Samsung Note 9 is 128GB. Also, the S-Pen stylus equipped with Samsung Note 9 can be used as a remote control. Used by the device.

Regarding S-Pen, Ray Technology has already mentioned a lot in the previous news. It is said that it will be one of the significant features of the new mobile. The new S Pen is the first time the Note series has a contrast color design. According to the rendering, the S Pen’s push-on cap and pen body may be in two different colors, such as yellow and blue, and the size is different from the previous one.

The S-Pen also adds Bluetooth functionality, perhaps for use as a self-timer, music player, etc., and will be further enhanced regarding social features.
Specification, Samsung Note 9 will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or Samsung Exynos 9810, starting with 6GB +128GB storage, and provide 8GB + 256GB, 8GB + 512GB for users to choose, equipped with 4000mAh capacity battery.

Besides, Samsung Note9’s camera specifications are the same as S9+, such as the front iris/face smart recognition, rear dual 12MP wide-angle + telephoto lens, support 960fps super slow-motion video recording. However, to differentiate from S9+, Note9 may be further upgraded in the camera algorithm.

In addition to Samsung Note 9, in the next wave of new mobile, there are new iPhone X, Xiaomi MIX 3, Meizu 16, Nut Pro 3, etc. The competition is quite fierce, of course, it brings more to consumers. Choice, if you have a plan to change the mobile in the second half of the year, don’t worry, it will not be too late after all the new flagships are unveiled.


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