NewsDog completed the C+ round of financing from Vision Plus Capital today. In May of this year, NewsDog just finished the $50 million Series C financing of Tencent, and Danhua Capital, Julian Capital, and DotC United Group voted for the most significant funding for the Indian news app.

Founded in 2016, NewsDog uses algorithms to distribute personalized news and entertainment content to users. Founder and CEO Chen Wei said that NewsDog currently has 60 million users in India and supports ten Indian dialects.

Regarding the future form of the product, Chen Wei told 36: “The headline is our source of inspiration, but NewsDog will not simply copy and paste but will continue to localize according to the content needs of India, and maybe one or more products in the future. form.”
Concerning user growth, NewsDog launched live answering and sharing money-making games in India, and started the blockchain token system in May this year. Users can get official CNN token rewards by sign-in, share, and forward.

NewsDog also launched WeMedia, a self-media platform that allows users to generate content and generate revenue. According to the founder, more than 30,000 people have regularly produced content on WeMedia from the media.

NewsDog Founder and CEO Chen Yukun from the department of computer sciences at Tsinghua University,  The company plans to open additional offices in major cities in India in 2018 while expanding its team to attract domestic and Indian operations and technical talent.


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